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Premium Domains Setup Guide

Following are the steps you need to perform from within your Control Panel to setup your Premium Domains Product for your Customers and Sub-Resellers:

  • Activate the Premium Domains Product for your Reseller Account:

    1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel. 1

    2. In the Menu, point to Settings and then click Manage Products and Pricing

    3. Click the Domain Registration link.

    4. Click the Sell Premium Domains link.

      • To enable sale of Premium Domains: select the Enable option.

      • To disable sale of Premium Domains: select the Disable option.

    5. Click the Update button.

    • You may only choose to sell / not sell Premium Domains. You cannot set the Selling Price for Premium Domains.

    • You as a Reseller, your Sub-Reseller(s) and the end Customer will be charged the same Price for a Premium Domain.

  • Buy Flow:

    • SuperSite: Changes have been made to the below files:

      • Products -> Domain -> Domain_registration -> Check_availability_new -> Domain_search_result.html

      • Misc -> Misc_messages.txt

      If you have made any modifications to these files, you need to update them to include the changes related to Premium Domains.

    • API: You need to integrate the following API calls in your website -

      • Check Availability: Returns a list of Premium Domains based on the specified keyword. 2

      • Domain Transfer: Once the Customer adds a Premium Domain to the shopping cart and makes the payment, a Domain Transfer call needs to be placed for the Premium Domain. 3

  • Enabling Premium Domains for your Sub-Resellers:

    • Control Panel: Your Sub-Resellers can activate the Premium Domains Product for their respective Accounts from within their Reselller Control Panel. 4

    • API: You need to integrate the following API calls in your website -

      • Activate Premium Domains: Signs up the Sub-Reseller for the Premium Domains Product. 5

      • Getting Premium Domains Signup Status: Returns the Premium Domains Product Signup status for the specified Sub-Reseller. 6